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We’ve been there. That’s why we’re here to equip you with tools and inspiration to break free and embark on a journey of authentic living. With travel accessories designed to accompany you on your adventures, inspiring stories of other bold adventurers and tips from our own journey. Ready to embrace a life filled with meaning and excitement?  Explore our collection and start your adventure today!

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"This steering wheel tray is a life saver! I initially never thought I would have a use for something like this, until I found myself sitting for very long periods of time at my kids baseball practices. This tray has been a life saver! It allows me to sit comfortably in my car and get work done. It fits perfectly over the steering wheel and provides the perfect spot to put my laptop! I tell everyone I know about this! If you work on the road, or have a kid in sports, this is what you need!!"
Steering Wheel Tray Customer
"So I wish I would have had this tray years ago. We have 3 kids and we’re constantly in the car. Food and iPads are a must. With all the snacks we eat our car was ALWAYS a disaster. This tray has helped keeping crumbs out of the seat and floor. Many pocket compartments for colors / drink holder / Ipad holder ! Love this tray!"
-Rachel Baine
Kids Travel Tray Customer
"This product has two separate pieces. We used the filler for the drivers seat and the organizer on the passenger side. The organizer holds my phone, sunglasses and my iPad. This is a lifesaver for road trips. For reference, we have a Subaru Legacy. Love it and would definitely recommend!"
-Michele Chamblee
Seat Gap Filler Customer

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Bold Route Kids Travel Tray with Detachable Hanging Tablet Holder


Bold Route Multipurpose Steering Wheel Tray with Strap For Backseat Use AND Bonus Item: Reusable Trash Bag


Bold Route Car Seat Gap Filler/Organizer-2 in 1 Product-Car Storage Organizer


"Freedom lies in being bold"
-Robert Frost

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