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Five years ago, my husband and I headed off in search of our own Bold Route. We were just two small town Kentucky kids with big dreams. My name is Brooke. I am the one with the ideas and a knack for communication. My husband Robert is the one that can figure out anything. He doesn’t talk to you about it or explain it, but he gets the job done every time. We are opposites in many ways, but we are learning to work together to turn our dreams into reality. 

I was a rural elementary school teacher for eleven years, and Robert worked in a local paper mill for fifteen. We had always stayed close to home and our families, so when we decided to elope, sell everything, and move off to Florida, it was a big shock to everyone.  

We lived in Ft. Myers, FL, for a year and opened our own mobile RV service. This meant living in the extremely close quarters of an RV, far from our friends and loved ones. It probably wouldn’t be a great choice for most people, but for us, it was wonderful and freeing and challenging and exhausting—and so much more!  

Now, we are back in Kentucky, still working for ourselves and dreaming big dreams. Robert has recently started flipping an enclosed trailer to turn it into a camper/toy hauler. I am working on building our brand and have just started a course on how to start an FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) business. We’ll share everything we learn on our journey with you. 

Our son Bodie was born in January of last year, and we want to teach him to think outside the box and take his own route in life. We hope to be able to help Bodie and others by sharing our experiences and what we’ve learned from them, both good and bad.   

Remember that life is short, so follow your dreams and take the Bold Route!

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