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Relationships That Fuel Your Journey: Navigating Parenthood and Strengthening Bonds with Your Parents

Parenting is an extraordinary journey – much like entrepreneurship, it’s a roller coaster ride between joy and chaos, laughter and tears. It’s the most rewarding, yet simultaneously challenging, adventure one can embark upon. As I navigate the winding paths of parenthood, I’ve come to realize that this not only deepens my appreciation for the gift of being a mom but also sheds light on the invaluable role my own parents played in shaping who I am today.


In the past weeks, we explored the significance of healthy friendships and effective communication in marriages. Now, we venture into the realms of parenting with tips and tricks to empower your journey. Don’t miss the second part of this article where we reflect and build on our relationships with our parents! 

Part 1: Embracing Parenthood

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Navigating parenting while being a mompreneur is a dynamic journey. Although having the flexibility to set my schedule is fantastic, I must confess that the entrepreneurial itch can be a bit addictive. While I still believe I made the right decision to leave the teaching profession to be home with my son, I continue to carry the desire to stay connected with the world outside and contribute to society.

Over the last few months, in the midst of work, many times, my son would request my attention for playtime, and I’d find myself saying “just ten more minutes,” and then just ten more minutes until, whoops, an hour slipped away. It’s like dealing with a sneaky time thief! Whether you’re managing your own business from home or not, I bet you know what I mean. I am committed to doing better for the remainder of this year!  Are you with me?

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Then, there are the daily household chores that fall on your shoulders and seem to never end. Amidst the laundry, dishes, picking up toys, sweeping, dusting, and yes, more picking up toys, along with cooking and dishes—quality time often becomes elusive.

In the whirlwind of daily chores, it often feels like a perpetual cycle that can weigh on your soul. The laundry, the dishes, the unending list—it’s like a marathon with no finish line. You sit down for a minute to catch your breath, but there’s that lingering thought that things are just piling up, making it even harder for later. It’s a struggle we all know too well.

The guilt creeps in when you realize that amidst the chores, the precious moments for quality time with your kids slip away. But hey, I get it. I see you. We’re in this together. The weight of the daily grind may be heavy, but the shared understanding lightens the load.


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Here’s the kicker – the endless to-dos, they’re not going anywhere. But these moments, the ones where my little one is still small enough to fit into my lap comfortably, they’re like rare gems. I don’t want to look back and wish I’d hit pause more often. The Bold Route is about not just settling for “okay,” but making bold changes for a more fulfilling life.

We all know that this work has to be done, and I’m not suggesting giving up on it. Instead, I propose a two-part challenge, not just for you but for me too (because, hey, we’re in this together.)

💪Embrace the art of setting time limits for work, allowing moments with your little ones to take center stage.

💪Transform the ordinary into extraordinary by infusing a touch of magic into everyday moments, making them unforgettable.

Are you in?

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Setting time limits (and sticking to them) can be a game changer.  It’s not about restricting your hustle; it’s about ensuring that the moments you spend with your little ones are quality-packed and distraction-free. Think of it as creating pockets of undivided attention in the midst of your bustling day. One simple trick is to set a timer—literally, give yourself a chunk of uninterrupted playtime with your child. Try allocating at least 15 minutes out of every hour solely for them. It could be a quick chat, a small game, or just being present while they share their latest masterpiece. The key is sticking to these limits, making them as non-negotiable as that morning cup of coffee. These intentional breaks not only deepen your bond with your child but also infuse your work routine with a refreshed and focused mindset. So, let’s get creative with our time limits and turn them into a powerful tool for balancing work and play! 

I’ve come to realize that within the routine lies an opportunity to create lasting memories. Whether it’s folding laundry together and turning it into a sock-counting game or making dishwashing a shared adventure, these seemingly mundane activities can be transformed into moments of joy and connection. It’s a subtle shift in perspective that makes all the difference in the world of parenting. I’ve discovered ways to involve Bodie in these tasks, turning them into fun, memorable experiences. From counting socks together while folding laundry to making dishwashing a game, and singing songs about brushing our teeth, finding joy in daily activities is so important.

To help you create memorable moments with your little ones, here are 10 unique and fun ideas to be fully present with your children while still being productive and accomplishing daily tasks. Try incorporating one into your routine this week and share your experiences with us.

I challenge you to embrace these strategies, creating meaningful connections with your children amid the chaos of daily life.

Part 2: Nurturing Bonds With Your Parents

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While this week’s blog centers around the adventures of parenting, it’s vital to take a moment to reflect on the relationships with our own parents. Amidst the whirlwind of raising little ones, it’s easy to lose sight of the precious time we could spend with the ones who guided us through our own journey. Just as the moments with our kids are fleeting, so are the opportunities to connect with our parents. Let’s not overlook the significance of these relationships and find ways to strengthen those bonds, creating lasting connections that echo through time.

Reflecting on my relationship with my own parents, gratitude overwhelms me. My mom, a retired public school teacher, rarely seemed to sleep throughout my entire childhood. I still can’t fathom how she managed to accomplish everything she did (and still does) and still be an amazing mom. My dad, a farmer (though he claims to be just “piddle farming” now), remains the best storyteller I know, never failing to bring laughter into our time together. Their influence has profoundly shaped my values, providing guidance in both parenthood and entrepreneurship. Even now, as I navigate life’s complexities, their teachings continue to be a source of invaluable lessons.

This week, I challenge you to take a moment to express your appreciation to your parents (and I’ll be doing the same!). Here are ten thoughtful ideas to inspire you:

  • Heartfelt Call: Give them a surprise call, expressing one memorable childhood moment that still warms your heart.
  • Lunch Date: Schedule a casual lunch date to catch up and reminisce about shared experiences.
  • Handwritten Letter: Write a heartfelt letter sharing specific reasons you appreciate them and the impact they’ve had on your life.
  • Memory Jar: Create a memory jar filled with notes recalling cherished moments and qualities you love about them.
  • Cook Together: Spend a day cooking their favorite meals together, creating new memories in the kitchen.
  • Photo Album: Assemble a photo album capturing special family moments and present it as a thoughtful gift.
  • DIY Gift: Craft a personalized DIY gift that reflects their interests or reminds them of shared experiences.
  • Tech Assistance: Offer to help them with any tech-related challenges, showcasing your gratitude through practical support.
  • Surprise Visit: If possible, plan a surprise visit to spend quality time together and make lasting memories.
  • Expressive Art: Create a piece of art that symbolizes your appreciation, whether it’s a painting, drawing, or a crafted item with sentimental value.
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As we navigate the path of parenting and cherish the bonds with our parents, we are empowering our journey towards a more fulfilling life. Life is short, and these relationships are the threads that weave the fabric of our existence. Embrace parenthood, strengthen connections with your roots, and let these relationships be the driving force propelling you forward, empowering your journey.

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